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Lead verification Simplified

Keep your leads' list clean.
Detect incorrect, disposable email address and more.
Validate phone number & lookup carrier.

LeadCheck saves you time and money

Increase your Lead Conversion Rates

Emails are used to follow up a lead and convert to a customer. Validation increases the delivery rate therby increasing conversions.

Save lost lead

Often a valuable lead might be lost due to a typo in email. Leadcheck takes care of autocorrecting any such emails.

Validate & Protect your reputation

Often people use disposable addresses or worse still a catch-all addresses. You no longer need to send emails that endup nowhere and hurt your IP reputation.

Save Time and Money

Lead Nurturing is a time and resource intensive process, by taking care of validation at the source, you save valuable efforts & time of your team that would have been otherwise lost.

LeadCheck in Action!

Install the leadCheck into your CRM.

When a new lead is added, Leadcheck automatically validates the phone number and Emails for you

When a non deliverable lead email is found, a task is created for the leadowner to look into it.

From within your CRM customize the functioning of the LeadCheck Extension!

You can add/remove field to be validated and setup custom condition to trigger task creation

Lead Check

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